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Agile Transformation Strategy

Many organizations fail in Agile adoption because they view Agile as a new way of doing the same old thing. They believe that if certain new roles, new techniques and certain approaches are in place, they’ll reap the benefits of having become Agile. However Agile Transformation isn’t about simply having a mindset and behaviors at the team level—it’s about enabling the adaption of new structure at the enterprise level, sustainability of the Agile framework, productivity of the newly formed teams, cost effectiveness, and scalability by measuring the outcomes-based progress.


Infrastructure Strategy

Most of the time IT infrastructure is imagined as racks of hardware locked away in data centers. But in actuality, IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which all the digital services run. To manage this infrastructure, you need a comprehensive monitoring toolset and configuration know-how and it becomes a focal point of disruption and innovation in every area, from servers, storage to networking and software.

Data Analytics Strategy

Data Analytics Strategy

Make sound Data decision and remove the guess work. We develop business value from data and analytics investments. A clear strategy is key to the success of a data and analytics investment at the organization level. As part of the data and analytics strategy, we help organization consider how to ensure data quality, data governance and data literacy are enforced.


Cloud Strategy

We’re not cloud-first, we’re cloud only. As organization are embracing the transformational nature of shifting to the cloud, recognizing the impact it offers on performance, agility and security. Organizations increase their reliance on cloud technologies, IT teams are seeking to embrace cloud applications and relocate existing all their digital assets.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next Internet, since AI has the potential to transform every business in a better way, we do business. transformed the way we do business. AI helps us to make better business decisions through smarter product and services which are optimized and automate business processes. Organizations who don’t capitalize on AI transformation are left behind. That’s the only reason Organizations needs AI Strategy.


Risk Strategy

Organization wants to minimize all levels of risk since reputation and revenue are on the line. But despite of having controls in place at all levels, strengthening the security and mitigating risk is always a challenge. A clear revolutionary strategy and placing a powerful security solution enables organization to achieve greater results with greater confidence.


Security Strategy

Enterprise security has always been important, but the introduction of various regulations spanning all industries have upped the stakes. Enterprise are storing a lot of sensitive customer information, both Personal Information (PI) and Non-Personal Information (NPI), and all of it needs proper care and attention to maintain high-security standards.

About AFAH Technologies

AFAH Tech is a software development company providing cutting edge technology and engineering solutions to its clients. AFAH Tech is at the forefront of innovation to address the opportunities in the world of cloud computing and data analytics. Building on its strong ethics and subject matter expertise in specific industries enables organizations to realize their business goals through an array of strategies, initiatives to a road map driven by results.



Partnership is the active ingredient; this is how new opportunity happens and our delivery model is scale-able to individual client’s need and tailored to deliver smaller and complex projects, and can easily adjust to meet cyclical demands.

Working with AFAH Tech gives you the most advantageous mix of delivery options, ensuring the right delivery to meet your business goals.

Our approach helps your organization complete project and service-related activities on schedule, on budget and most importantly with the highest quality.


Advisory Services

Our Subject Matter Experts understand your full technology stack and business DNA to identify opportunities and solutions that simplify the complex.


Collaborative Services

For times you don’t needor wantto own a project. We’re a partner to pilot something new or take noncore functions off your hands andwe help you juggle it all.


joint venture services

You drive we’ll navigate. Our experts and delivery terms will guide you and help implement your project so you can cross the finish line.


talent services

Whether it’s skilled experts, broad support for a fast-track initiative or a full team to build out your strategy, initiative and objectives  we’ve got the access and scale to make it happen at all levels. 


Customers See Higher ROI

Better IT Infrastructure
Increase in Transaction
Faster time to Process
Lower Cost
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  • “AFAH Tech went above and beyond with their expertise in building a streamline application help us achieve our objective of digital transformation.”

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  • “AFAH Tech continues to be one of our dependent partners for IT services. They provide quality services in a flexible, end user centric framework.”

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    Fortune 100 Insurance Company
  • “AFAH Tech consistently provided dependable resources for our Project and Service needs. They provided insight and went above and beyond for all managed services.”

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