Portfolio Management

There are elements of IT portfolio management that exists in all companies. They have very similar goals and objectives: maximizing value (tangible and intangible) while managing risks and costs. Most companies utilize simple and straightforward financial models to make investment decisions. For these companies, the IT portfolio management framework is incomplete; it is missing key criteria, is not conducted uniformly, and is not applied across the entire organization or over the entire life cycle of an IT investment. AFAH Technologies identifies specific areas in need of improvement, holes in the requirements and architecture, misalignment to the strategic intent, areas that are being over served and underserved. The IT portfolio management at AFAH Technologies adept’s step-by-step methodology which is a proven process for applying IT portfolio management and has eight stages.
1. Developing an IT portfolio management game plan
2. Planning the IT portfolio
3. Creating the IT portfolio
4. Assessing the IT portfolio
5. Balancing the IT portfolio
6. Communicating the IT portfolio
7. Developing and evolving IT portfolio governance and organization
8. Assessing IT portfolio management process execution

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